Domain Name Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Choosing Domain Name

(1) Most businesses need to register their business name with domain name matching the business name.

(2) If your business domain name is already registred to someone else you can operate a business under your legal business name but choose different domain name matching your business needs.

(3) If domain is registered to someone else or taken you can choose to register any other domain name which closely match your requirements.

A. Initiate a domain registration

(1) To initiate a domain registration you will need to choose domain name if its not taken you can register the name.

(2) Search for domain name, If available you can register the domain with us.

(3) Make payment.

A. Domain Registration Pricing

(1) All domain name prices are in Canadian PLUS TAXES.

A. Register your domain add web hosting

(1) Initiate A Registration

(2) With your domain name in your shopping cart add web hosting

(3) Checkout and make your payment.